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Fullmetal Alchemist fangame - Phantomphobia ~Truth~ sale

I need money so I'm selling away this game ;___;

Fullmetal Alchemist fangame - Phantomphobia ~Truth~
It's a Chinese fangame released last Winter.

gawd my table looks like the floor xD

Read more details about this game here. Now friend-locked. If you want to view the post, friend me and then comment or PM me about it. Make sure you are at least 15 years old before doing so.

The game I got here was purchased last Winter directly from the circle. It is a special edition. ^_^
- Game disc (DVD)
- Game CD (music CD for the OP and ED of the game)
- Instruction booklet
- Edward bag (special)
- Gag book, which has some random drawings and commentary by the circle members (special)

Game language: Traditional Chinese subtitles, with partial Japanese dub
Game format: Story game + card battle
Pairings: Al x Ed, Roy x Ed, Envy x Ed
Rating: 15N

Starting bid: US$12
US$15 by blackspandex
US$20 by royaled
WON BY: US$22 by blackspandex (ended)

Shipping: (includes bubble bag)
Canada - US$5
USA - US$8
International - US$11 (for surface), $15 (for airmail)

Accepted form of payment:
Paypal (USD/CAD), Western Union (CAD only), Postal Money Order (CAD only), Concealed Cash (USD/CAD) (at your own risk)
I also accept Interac Transfer (Canada only) for CIBC or HSBC. Buyer bears the fee.
For Paypal, there is an extra fee of 10% if you pay with credit card. No fee if you pay with Paypal balance as a gift (ask me about it if you aren't sure how this works).

Thanks for reading! Please comment below if you have any questions. Happy bidding! ^_^
Tags: fma, game, phantomphobia
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